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Why Should You Use Landing Pages?

Basically, landing pages is any web page that a customer can arrive at after clicking a link; It can be your product page, your blog page, or your home page. As simple as it means, when we say “landing page” in online marketing, we usually mean a page dedicated to converting visitors to customers and give a glimpse of what your brand can offer.  An excellent landing page can influence visitors that it is very worth it to provide personal contact info in exchange for whatever you have to offer. In fact, approximately 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversion.  (

When done properly, landing pages can help you generate potential leads and can increase the conversion rate of potential customers.

There are a lot of types of landing pages, but we will summarize it into two of the most used:

Click-through Landing pages – From the word itself, its’ goal is to convince customers to click through to another web page. It helps build up visitors’ buying-decision by offering sufficient details about your product and services before they make a purchase. Landing pages of such is typically used by e-commerce sites.

Lead Generation Landing pages – Lead Generation is generally used to collect visitors’ information, like name, email address, and contact number. It provides a trade, some sort of special offers like free trials, or e-book in exchange for their personal data.

Why should you use landing pages?

The first Impression last 

When we are meeting someone for the first time, we usually want to leave a good first impression that will last. The same goes for our prospects.

There is a very good chance that landing pages will serve as the first experience of your potential customer with your brand.  Of course, the main goal of landing pages is to get your prospective customer into your page and convert them to full-pledged customers. But, without making a good first impression when they arrived, they are not likely to stay, let alone browse any further to your site.

A good landing page provides information visitors’ are looking for, but that doesn’t mean your landing pages have to be perfect to make a good first impression, it just needs to be able to communicate a clear and uncomplicated message and that would be enough to have their attention.

Optimization of Conversion Rate

This is probably the biggest advantage of landing pages, to boost the conversion rate.

A landing page gives you the power of calls-to-action. It is an element of your landing page that puts you in control, allowing you to set up and direct visitors towards a particular action and makes it easy for them to take that action and increase conversion rate.

For instance, would you prefer to send your visitor directly to your home page with no clear direction? Or, would you like to send them to a landing page, that can convince them to perform the exact action that you want them to do?

Landing pages will benefit your business as more conversion leads to more customers, and more customer leads to more revenue.

Many actions are possible but here are some of the most common ones:

  • Email subscriptions 
  • Registration/Signups
  • Free Trials
  • Free E-books
  • Free How-to Guides

Produce qualified leads

There is no argument that landing pages will help you generate more qualified leads. As we mentioned earlier, landing pages offer a trade between you and visitors. By suggesting some sort of special offer from your product, in exchange for visitors’ personal information, it can easily generate new leads for your sales and marketing team which leads to more revenue. It provides you data and insights that can help you improve your digital marketing campaign efforts. 

It also allows you to target your desired customers and helps you to collect important pieces of information about your prospects, in which you can tailor the value of your product to meet their wants, need, and expectations. Now, you can connect with them with a more personalized touch through email or social media.

Just remember this simple formula, Leads = customer = revenues.

Without leads, you will never be able to make customers. No customer means no revenue, and well, we all know what will happen next if you do not generate any revenue for your business. 

Develop Credibility

This is a crucial factor that will make people more likely to give you their money in today’s digital marketplace is how credible you are. From first sight, visitors will immediately begin to assess your site and your credibility and your landing page is an excellent opportunity to build trust for your brand. 

Including Customer testimonials, maybe a short message from your satisfied customer can really make a big impact on the amount of trust your visitors will have after visiting your site.

Do not also forget to provide complete contact information that is easy to find, such as email address, phone number, and social media accounts. Build their trust that they can connect with you easily if they need to.

And most of all, Honesty. There is nothing worse than a brand that oversold itself but then underdelivered. You only not want to convert visitors, but you want them to repeat purchases and recommend your brand. Never lie about what you can actually deliver.

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