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Why Should Car Dealers use Pinterest?

Social Media is a very crucial part of an auto dealerships marketing campaign, but when it comes to Social Media Marketing, the last social media site that will come to your mind to use is definitely Pinterest. 

Pinterest, for the past few years, has been steadily getting its’ fame and significance when it comes to Digital Marketing campaigns for an automotive dealership. Using high-quality images to resonate with your target audience is the go-to for car dealers as consumers can get a much more immersive experience this way. And that’s what Pinterest excels above any other platform since the foundation of Pinterest marketing is meant to publish visual content. It’s what makes Pinterest unique from any other platform. 

But what is Pinterest exactly?

Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; Pinterest is a social media platform that lets users save “pins” that contain a link, image, or description onto different boards for later use.  It is basically a”virtual bulletin board”. It gives the user a way to collect things – articles, contents, products, images – they came across within the web and share them. It allows users to share and save content to virtual collections called pinboards. While social media channels like Facebook or Twitter are great for sharing your content, some businesses can directly benefit from showing off their more visual sides, and Pinterest is the perfect platform for that.  Pinterest is slowly evolving into a center for e-commerce businesses with a lot of advantages and opportunities.

How Pinterest can help Automotive Dealers?

Free of charge promotion!

We all love free things, am I right? And there certain marketing techniques on Pinterest that you can do without spending any money. If you are just a start-up business not only on your dealership but also on Pinterest, just by using high-quality images and publishing them on Pinterest along with your contents can capture the interest of the readers and can likely influence their car-buying decisions. It can generate quality leads for you and your team that you can use to further improve your marketing efforts. 

Increase conversion and reduce the sale cycle 

You may be wondering what do we mean by the sale cycle. What’s unique about Pinterest is that it reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion. Getting the gist now? It means that potential customers from Pinterest convert into leads or even a sale is faster compare to other social media platforms. This makes Pinterest an essential part of your Social Media marketing efforts, bringing in more traffic and increasing your conversion as long as you link your website, and make it easy for them to purchase from you. 

Generate more traffic

As you can include your websites’ link address on your Pinterest profile, this is one great way for your car dealership to start generating more traffic for your website from your Pinterest profile. Think of all the content you have on your webpage that you can turn into pins; blogs, articles, faqs, etc. This all can be used as quality content to share on Pinterest. With only a couple of clicks, users are taken from pins directly to your website to look, read, or even buy your service. It is not surprising to say that increasing your websites’ traffic can be Pinterest’s most significant advantage over any other social media platform.

Promote your Contents

If you are looking for a simple, yet efficient way to promote your content on social media, then Pinterest got your back. We cannot stress the ability of Social media sites when you are trying to promote not only your content but your business as a whole. Pinterest makes it easy for users to connect with your content and increase the chance that your blog post will reach much more readers. Providing more access to your post will increase the chances of your content being shared by readers and users. 

Customer engagement 

Finding a way to engage with your customers is a crucial element of any Social Media marketing strategy, and Pinterest makes it simple. Although ranked only 4th on most popular social media sites after Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, Pinterest has one principal element that these 3 do not have; it is the users who are eager to share their desire products, plans, or goals. You can comment on their pins or make a board that allows you to repost pins from other users. This helps you create a better engagement which can help make a stronger bond with your customers, increase your chances of conversion, and create customer loyalty. 

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