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Why Conversion Rate Optimization Is Important For Your Webpage?

Mainly, the reason that most businesses setups a website for their business is to generate leads and gather information to help improve their business and of course, to get new customers or what we called conversions. Conversion in simple terms is to turn webpage visitors’ into your customer.

That is why you need to put important attention to your conversion rate because this will help you better understand if your marketing efforts are really working. 

Let’s say that you have at least a thousand visitors on your webpage per day, and yet you are not converting at least 1 visitor, then you definitely have a problem not only with your website but also with your strategy.

Now that you know what conversion means, you’ll definitely want to increase it. That is where CRO comes in, or Conversion Rate Optimization. 

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of improving the percentage of your total website visitor conversion. CRO can involve numerous strategies and tools, but it has only one goal; to help your webpage or landing page turn more visitors to customers. 

Our expert here in ideasoft listed the reasons why Conversion Rate Optimization can be beneficial to you!

Get to know your customer better

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization to you, as you can understand your customer much better. The more you dive into CRO, the more you will learn about your customers which leads to a better overall customer experience. Once you get to know your customer better, you can easily tailor the user experience and direct visitors to a successful conversion. CRO also allows you to have better lead generation which gives you valuable leads that you can use to improve your marketing efforts.

Your goal is to know these questions:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What do my customers need?
  • How they interact with my webpage?
  • Why do they visit my webpage?

Once you understand your customer, you will be able to get the answers.

Lowers your Customer-Acquisition-Cost

CRO is a great digital marketing tool that is essential for your business, it lessens your customer-acquisition-costs which you will be able to benefit from the current website user and get added value for them. Rather than spending your capital straight on advertising efforts, you will be more focused on improving conversion rate and converting visitors to customers which leads to lower CAC. If you badly need some funds for your other digital marketing strategies, like email marketing or even for your social media campaign using CRO is a good way to reduce your customer-acquisition-cost and free up some capital.

Increases Return on Investment

Who wouldn’t want to increase their ROI, right? This may sound like a no-brainer, but if you improve your conversion rate, you will have more conversions for the same price. Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you have 100 visitors to your webpage and 5 visitors (5% conversion rate) purchased it at 25$ and your cost of the product is 10$

  • Sell: 125$
  • Cost: 50$
  • Profit: 75$

Now, let us say that your conversion rate increases from 5% to 10%, how much profit you gained?

  • Sell: 250$
  • Cost: 150$
  • Profit: 100$

Even just a small increase in your conversion rate can lead to a massive improvement in your profits. Why? because CRO provides an immediate profit straight into your pocket. 

Improve SEO ranking

Every day, people use Google to conduct over 3.5 billion searches. In the U.S., 78% of people use the web to research products and services before buying. (

If customers cannot find you on search engines like google, how can they buy your product, right? All that effort you’re putting into optimizing the visitors’ buying decision will not only result in more conversions, but it could also place your search ranking position at the top.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who moved away from your site after viewing only one page and also an important ranking factor by Google. A higher bounce rate means that visitors are not finding what they are looking for on your webpage.

By improving CRO, you can lower your site’s bounce rate which leads to better search engine optimization ranking and an increase in conversions.

Enhance Customer Lifetime Value

As we mentioned earlier, understanding your customers will give you a lot of insights. CRO gives you the ability to guide site visitors towards making the online purchase. Since you also have a better understanding of your customers, you can create a tailored customer experience for visitors and current customers, and optimizing your customer journey will turn consumers into your loyal customers.

If executed properly, it makes all of your marketing effort more efficient and it will make customers keep coming back increasing customer lifetime values. 

Build credibility

How do you expect customers to purchase your product if they see you as untrustworthy? From the moment they landed on your webpage, visitors will immediately begin to assess your site and your credibility. You need to land a first strong impression.

Optimizing conversion rate can help set a high level of trust and credibility by improving brand perception and making your website look more genuine. Think of your website as your sales representative, it needs to be professional, respectful, knowledgeable, and ready to answer customers’ questions.

No need for a big budget

All of the advantages we mentioned are useless if you cannot afford it. The beauty of Conversion Rate Optimization is that you are simply capitalizing on what you already have which requires fewer resources than if you were creating something from scratch. Conversion Rate Optimization is much more cost-effective than trying to attract potential customers. 

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