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Tips to Use to Sell More Cars on Social Media

How to sell more Cars on Social Media?

There is always a good chance that your potential customer is using and spending some time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The average U.S. user spending up to 5 hours a day on their mobile device, and a user spends 36% of that time (almost two hours!) on social media apps alone. (  .By meeting your consumer on these social platforms, you can create a stronger connection and be engaged with your customers, leading to a stronger brand image and online reputation. 

Why use Social Media to sell your cars? Take a look at these 3 studies:

  • Social Media Automotive 95% of car buyers are looking toward digital information to decide what car to purchase. If you haven’t been working on your social media strategy, now is the time. (
  • 75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say internet research, including social media and review sites, was the most helpful medium when selecting a car dealership. (
  • 69% of consumers said social media sites helped their vehicle purchase decision. (

When it comes to car shopping, social media sites are clearly a major influencer in a buyer’s decision-making process. At this point, most marketers understand that social sites should be integrated in some way into a marketing strategy. For some, this may be simply having a Facebook page and posting content or pictures, while other brands have a fully integrated social marketing approach to generate leads and engage with customers. However, with more and more consumers turning to social, the automotive industry needs to get fully engaged with social selling.

Here are 3 ways for you to sell more cars with Social Media!

Facebook ads – Targeting done right!

The best thing about Facebook ads is how accurate they can target the right audience you desire. 

Facebook advertising gives you the ability to target your exact audience. You can advertise to people by age, interest, location, or behavior. The target capabilities of Facebook advertising exceed any other platform! This is an essential factor for your auto dealership as we want more conversions of our webpage visitors. Remember that quality is more important than size. 

Facebook advertising can be an excellent tool as well in generating qualified leads for your sales team. Remember that most customers already have an idea of what car they are interested in. Facebook ads can easily convince and influence potential customers in making their next step on their car-buying decision journey.  Using Facebook advertising allows you to stretch your marketing, measure your results accurately, target your intended audience, generate quality leads, and increase your ROI enabling your business to grow and be better every time.

Don’t even forget about the accurate measurement of your marketing campaigns! When it comes to measuring your results, Facebook advertising got your back! The results are accurately measurable, and the numbers will speak for themselves. You will be able to see how many clicks, impressions, and conversions you are receiving.

Content Marketing + Social Media

Content marketing integrates into all other areas of your digital marketing efforts. Without content, all you have is ideas. And no matter how great your idea is, it doesn’t convert on its own. 

Social media is one of the best ways you can publish your content and create more traffic for your website. When creating content, always keep in mind that it should contain valuable information that your potential customer can relate to. Contents showcase your knowledge and expertise in the car industry. Coming from an expert viewpoint, you can establish your dealership as a reliable source of information. Your customers will be very interested in reading your content. Before making any purchases, your customer will likely have questions about cars and use this opportunity to provide answers. 

“Content is King” Yes? But Content + Social Media is the way to go! You probably heard this old saying in the marketing world a thousand times. But of course, Content is indeed king! With a multitude of Social Media channels and mobile accessibility from consumers, it matters now more than ever. 

Social Media is a two-way relationship

You have posted great content, are telling stories, sharing fun pictures, and more. Now, what? Do you interact with your social fans? The thing that you need to understand about social media is it is a two-way relationship. Your fans engaged with you, so should you. Plain and Simple. It’s a way to build relationships with your customers and potentially attract new customers. 

Always respond to questions and comments. Be sure to respond to tweets, thanking those who share your content, answer questions, and respond to and answer complaints. No one likes to feel ignored, yes? So acknowledging your customer’s posts and comments leave a good impression and make them feel special. People like talking to real people, when replying back to customers try not to sound like a robot or overly “salesy.”

Don’t wait a week to respond. Consumers expect quick responses to their questions on social media. If you aren’t monitoring continuously, you may be losing out on valuable opportunities. Engagement helps your brand. End of story.

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