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Tips on the Sales Pitch and Presentation for Car Dealers


Have you ever heard the old tale that “The presentation and packaging is everything?” Well, when it comes to the automotive industry, it is indeed everything.

As a sales rep, nailing your sales presentation is an essential step to a successful car sale. But it’s probably one of the most poorly performing sales funnel in the sale cycle of a dealership. At most, it may have been set aside by some, neglected, and forgotten to never use again. Most dealers do not pay that too much attention anymore to sales presentation because they know that customers’ interest is already that they do not have to try too hard anymore on a sales presentation. But that is just beyond wrong! Your prospective clients have done their job to thoroughly research – every customer does. When you fail to perform your sales pitch, you just missed an opportunity to close a deal. 

Now before its’ too late, we want you to understand that you’re only hurting yourselves and your dealership when you’re taking this approach. Think of it this way – it’s an opportunity for you to gain trust, get to know your potential customers more, and transition a presentation to a successful sale.

They know with themselves that they want or need the car – the interest is definitely there, but it’s your responsibility to reinforce their choice and create an overwhelming desire to own that car. Remember, the bottom line of your car sales presentation to get your prospects into the driver’s seat.  

Here are our sales presentation tips to nail your next sales pitch!

Give attention to How You Say What You Say

It is not all about the sales presentation template – sometimes it is all about what you say and how you say it.

When crafting a pitch, most people spend a lot of time and energy on the content and the words they use, but not enough time on how they deliver the message. Your body language and tone of voice need to communicate enthusiasm and confidence.

Imagine somebody who doesn’t understand a single word of English is in the room with you, watching you speak. That person should get the impression you believe in what you are saying, know what you are talking about, and are enjoying talking about it. Make sure your body language and tonality make people want to listen. Practice in front of a mirror, in front of friends, or in front of a camera.

The Zone

To be one of the best sales representatives in the game, you need to be confident with yourself. You need to be in the zone.

You can know everything about your product and possess the necessary experience in your field, but if prospects don’t see you as confident, you will never make a sale. Offer the discounts all you want in the world or market all the astonishing features of your cars, but if you don’t project any self-confidence, you’re not going to succeed in your endeavors. Learning how to sell with confidence doesn’t mean that you feel 100% all the time – no one does, right? Instead, selling with confidence means immediately putting a prospect at ease by talking to them with conviction and sincerity.

Feel great when you deliver the pitch. Most people feel negative towards selling or pitching an idea because they’re anxious about the outcome. Do whatever is necessary to put yourself in a great emotional state before you deliver your pitch. Some people visualize their goals to feel inspired and upbeat. Some people work out. Others eat healthy food or listen to music they love and dance. Do what works best for you.

Be confident with yourself. Anything is possible if you believe.

Listen and asked.

Want to know the real secret to close the deals in the field of sales? Listening and asking.

You need to understand your customers’ wants and needs, their challenges and problems, so you can help them in the best possible way.

How to gain this kind of understanding? By asking questions. Ask them about their work. Ask them about their situation. Ask them about their frustrations. Ask them about their ambitions. Do this until you know what they care about and understand what they need. Only then should you sell them the right solution, and only if it truly is the best solution for them. 

100% of the time on why sales reps are constantly failing to close the deal is because they do not listen to what customer has to say. Car buyers and any consumers have one thing in common – they want us to listen to what they have to say, may it be a question or a statement. Don’t set aside their concerns, no matter how small they might seem. Present them your full attention and never assume anything. It is a chance to point out features that specifically address their questions or concerns that may come up in the initial presentation. It is a chance for you to listen as they explore the vehicle. 

Bring Solutions to the table first, then features

As a car dealer, you probably admire the details of your cars – so do your client. But your customers want to hear what solution your product can deliver first. Always translate your product’s features into your customers’ benefits. Focus first on what they can do for them.

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After then, you can now start to highlight the features that are most important to the customer. But once those have been completely demonstrated and explained, showcase and highlight everything else. Additionally, this may be your only chance to uncover whatever other hidden needs the customer has yet to mention. Don’t miss that our, once you’ve grabbed it, never let it go. 

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