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6 Tips for a Car Salesman to Improve Car Sales

Tips & Tricks to Improve a Salesman's game!

We want you to remember these 2 things about the field of sales

  • A good salesman is it isn’t about being salesy and aggressive with your potential customer. It’s about trying to build a relationship that leads to a business. You should look at sales, not as something that you should to other people, but rather as a collaborative process between you and the client – You make the sale, they are satisfied with your service and the product. A win-win situation for both of you. Being a good salesman not only means more money straight into your pocket but also a better customer experience. 
  • You need to understand that Sales is not an easy job. It is a demanding, strenuous, and difficult profession. Imagine this – sales reps regularly converse with a stranger to try and convince them to buy whatever they have to offer. The chances of being rejected are high, and that can be scary and soul-crushing. The stress, pressure, anxiety, and tension are all the burdens that a salesman needs to endure.

The best of the best salespersons are always looking to improve their game, never satisfied in their progression, a hungry-learner who constantly wants to be the best every day. 

However, at the end of the day; business is a game of risk – one day you and your sales team are hitting the targets, closing the sales, and exceeding numbers and the next day falling down on slumps. It happens to the best of us, like we said, a game of risk. 

Additionally, with the situation of the Covid19 pandemic, a lot of business and industry was affected really hard. One of them is the automotive industry.

Some are still trying to get back on their feet, some were forced to cut expenses, and some were forced to close just to cope up with their losses. If you are one of those that are still trying to recover, then it is more significant now more than ever to motivate your sales team to increase your sale not just to recover from your losses, but to eventually be successful in your business campaign.

So it is crucial more than ever for your sales staff to land that much-needed car sale! If your dealership is caught up in this type of scenario, then this article is perfect for you! We give you our 6 sales tips for your salespeople to close the deal and improve their game!

Showcase expertise

Being a good salesman means you’re an expert in your field, expert in your product, and expert in your game. Once the introduction has been made to potential customers, you are bound to answer a bunch of questions about the product. Hey, a car is expensive, right? Every potential buyer has the right to ask questions.

Yes, Google is there to help them quickly find the information they needed – but it’s your responsibility as the sales representative to give them the full picture along the car buying process – not Google. And this is your chance to highlight your expertise in your craft. 

Also, keep in mind that you are not the only dealership in this game, so to stand out from the competition, you need to give your prospects direct and correct answers to their question on a more personal level. Product knowledge is the key. This is how you’ll give them a great customer experience before even buying the car. And that will bring you success to close the deal. 

Know what your customers want and deliver it.

Anticipating and identifying what your potential customers want and delivering on those expectations is a part of mastering the art of becoming an excellent car salesman. 

Many customers have a specific car in mind that they want to purchase – one they’ve methodically researched. Unfortunately, that can give them tunnel vision which can be difficult to get past.

However, if you ask your client what kind of features and feelings they’re going for, you can tailor your car sales pitch to them. If they want one model of car that looks good and goes really fast, you can offer them similar options and thus provide a wider selection.

Remember names and use them.

You might feel that this one doesn’t matter, but believe us, this is very important!

If you want to learn how to be a successful car salesman in this day and age, you need to start learning the names of current and future customers and remembering them. And this needs to happen before you do any car sales pitch. 

Using their names creates a connection with your customers. People like being around people they feel they know. Recognizing and remembering someone is the first step toward that. The more you remember about customers, the more likely they will value their relationship with you and remain loyal. It makes your customers feel special and makes the experience personal. Your memory may be the most valuable tool in winning customer loyalty.

As soon as you know their names, start using them. Use their names during a conversation in a natural way – like how you would speak with a friend of yours in a casual conversation. You can also use their name on follow-up messages or email so they’ll know that you remember.

Don’t just sell, build a relationship.

One of the main responsibilities of a sales rep is to converse with strangers and convince them to buy whatever they have to offer. And this is not possible if your sales rep cannot even interact with a potential customer. Interpersonal skill is a must-have trait a sales representative must possess. A sales rep must be able to listen to a customer and understand their issue or problem. It is perhaps one of the most essential skills for good customer service. But the truth of the matter is that it is difficult to hit it off with everyone. Learning how to build rapport takes time – which is why it is one of the toughest sales techniques to master. 

Still, don’t just sell – build a rapport with your prospects. Shoppers nowadays don’t want a sales rep who does hard-selling tactics, but someone who truly cares and is interested to help them. Show to them that you are not just after the sale but want to improve the quality of their life. Build the connection.  


“Patience is a virtue.” – William Langland

Patience is definitely a virtue for sales reps. It is an essential element that every salesperson should possess. 

Buyers can smell desperation. They do not like being pushed, and yet, they want to buy! They just don’t want to be sold. Everyone does, am I right?

Just because a customer walks out of your dealership without a vehicle, it doesn’t mean it is over. They may just need more time to make a decision, and that is OK. In the meantime, you can reach out to these customers with messages and thank them for stopping by the dealership. Tell them how much you enjoyed showing them cars, and welcome any questions they may have.

The key afterward is in the follow-up. The more you can cultivate relationships, the more likely you are to get the deal. Stay friendly, stay composed, and stay patient. 

The Finale – Closing the Deal

This is probably the most exciting part of the sale and undoubtedly the best part of every sales rep’s day, isn’t it? You’re closing the deal, helping your dealership, helping clients’ companies grow, moving the economy, achieving your goals, and making the world a better place, am I right?

However, many salespeople take prospects to the end of the sale cycle and lose them just there. Why is that? There are thousands of sales techniques and strategies for closing the deal. But when you narrow it down, there are 4 key sales elements of all successfully closed deals:

  • Timing is key – Prospect has the bandwidth to handle working with you.
  • Pain points have been identified– Cost of inaction, fear of loss, bad positioning in the market, internal challenges, and any other concerns have been addressed either before or during the process.
  • The need has been established – The prospect has identified their pain and the need for a solution.
  • Your brand has been identified as the solution – The prospect has the confidence that you’re the best solution in the market for their situation.

If one of these things fell off, then the deal is off the table. 

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