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The Art of Selling more Cars in your Dealerships’ ground!

Here's how to sell more cars...

What matters for every business is to sell their product, and for auto dealers, that would be to sell more cars. And the competition inside the realm of auto dealerships has always been aggressive and fierce, and as the industry moves forward to more digital-centric sales processes. Auto dealerships have to get creative and innovative to secure new leads and increase their car sales. 

The problem is here is that the reason most consumers buy a new car is to replace their old one and, that could mean years apart! Buying a car is not the same as purchasing groceries from a supermarket, right? Unlike any other industry, the automotive industry does not rely on repeat purchases. It relies more on word-of-mouth, positive reviews, and referrals. 

If there is one thing that we are sure of, generating sales leads is the essential key to increase sales and stay ahead of the game for car dealers. But there’s one thing that you don’t know – you probably have the potential leads already in your dealership, those people who stroll into your dealership and looking at your inventories. Yes, you heard us! If you’re able to warm up these leads and generate more leads through your marketing efforts, you can effortlessly increase your vehicle sales! However, it is easier said than done. There is no such thing as an easy way when it comes to a business – you need to put all the time, effort, and resources for you to succeed. That’s the reality, my friend.  

Now, let’s say that you have your leads already on your dealership – how are you going to sell your car and close the deal?

Well, the key to selling more cars in your dealership is your sales reps! How they approach your customers and what they say to the customers are the key to successfully selling your car. Think of your sales rep as the first impression maker of your dealership. The moment your potential customer set their foot on your lot, they need to have a good first impression, and that’s where your sales rep does the magic.

Here’s what your sales rep should do to successfully close any deal!

The art of listening.

The reason why sales reps fail most of the time is that they are only selling, not listening.

Most salesperson think “selling” is the same as “talking.” But the most effective salesperson knows that listening is the most important part of their job. It’s simple: the better your sales reps’ listening skills, the better their sales conversations will be.

Car buyers or any consumers have always one thing in common – Instead of being sell to, they want to be heard to what they have to say, may it be a question or a statement. Don’t set aside their concerns, no matter how small they might seem. Give them your 100% attention.

It is a chance to point out features that specifically address their questions or concerns that may come up in the initial presentation. It is a chance for you to listen punctiliously as they explore the vehicle, a chance piques their interest and closes the deal.

The art of rapport.

A successful car salesman always knows how to build a relationship with their clients. Interpersonal skill is a must for every sales professional – remember that a sales rep needs to speak with your customers and convince them to buy whatever they have to offer. And this will not be possible if your sales rep cannot even interact with a stranger. Though not everyone is born with the powers to create rapport, it can be learned and practice to master. 

Just remember that not everyone likes being sold to. Shoppers nowadays don’t want a sales rep who does hard-selling tactics but rather someone who truly cares and is interested to help them. Build the connection with your customer, show that you care and are very interested in helping them, and that will seal the deal. 

The art of explaining

Explaining is where you showcase your expertise! This is a crucial part of closing a deal as your expertise is the key to successfully convincing a prospect to buy.

Being a good salesman means you’re an expert in your field, expert in your product, and expert in your craft. Once the introduction has been made to potential customers – you are bound to answer a bunch of questions about the product, and this is where you highlight your game. 

This is also your chance to stand out from the competition, give your prospects direct and appropriate answers to their question. Yes, Google is there to assist them with their question, but think how impressed they can be if you can give the answer right in front of them. Being the sales representative of a dealership means it’s your responsibility to provide them the complete experience and picture along the car buying process. This is how you deliver to your prospects an excellent customer experience before even buying the car, and that will bring you success in closing the deal. 

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