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Kijiji for Automotive Dealers!

Kijiji is one of the most popular online platforms that provide different services in more than a hundred cities in Canada. This website is entirely owned by eBay Classifieds Group. 

This website allows you to buy, sell or save in classified local deals. Kijiji is equipped with different industries, but one of the categories that have millions of visitors is the Automotive Industry that enables Canadians to have great deals. Kijiji Autos can offer you some good conditioned cars, rare and classic cars, heavy-duty trucks and trailers, different water vehicles, and even vehicle parts like tires, machines or machinery, accessories, and many more, which Kijiji Auto can provide to you.

But how do car dealers can benefit from this website?

Looking for something to buy for your vehicle, but you do have tight schedules and do not have enough time to spend? Struggling to find some accessories for your car to buy that are cheaper than the standard price or hard to find in the market? Then Kijiji Autos might be your friend. 

People tend to spend time on phones a lot more than usual due to the midst of the pandemic that is why our lovely Canadian auto dealers can offer a lot of great deals regarding automotive sales for the market car buyers with a help of some marketing strategies like relevant vehicle ads. Using these techniques might be one of the most effective ways because markets are now slowly moving into social marketing, and it is also a way of marketing exposure so that customers or possible leads for dealers may encourage to visit the website and check out their products. 

Kijiji is one of the best ways to generate leads for your dealership. This is very helpful, especially if your website is your main source of income and serves as your stable business. Save more time and money by being part of the realm of Kijiji!

Use videos and images

The good thing about this platform is it lets you use videos and images to demonstrate your product, which is the absolute best way of marketing a car. Video and image marketing has become a dynamic and effective means of generating high-quality leads, increase conversion rate, and shoot-up your auto sales. Auto dealerships can directly benefit from showing off their more visual sides, and images and videos are the go-to to show off your cars. Additionally, a visual stimulus is also a great way to directly influence a buyer’s car-buying decision process. In fact, of the auto shoppers who used video during the research process, over 60% reported visiting a dealership or dealer website after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering.

Paid Ads for better marketing

If you want to take your ads to the next level, Kijiji offers a paid ads. The cost of promoting your ads depends on your location, category, and features. The prices are set so that the features remain a premium choice for those that decide to purchase them. Still, you can use Kijiji to post your ads for free, but paid ads features offer optimal placement and unique characteristics that will help your ads stand out. It can refresh the posting date of your ad and bump it up to the top of the listing so it can get noticed more often by prospects, let customers know that you want to sell your car quickly, highlight your ads so you can stand out from the competition, and reach more audience by having your ad in the top section of its category.

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