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Is Online Presence Important for Car Dealerships?

“Digital Age, The age of technology, and Modern Era.”

That is how we describe the 21st century. The internet being the medium that connects everyone, now would be a good time for your business to be involved in it. Yes, an online presence is important for car dealershis. The automotive industry is getting more and more aggressive and competitive. For an Auto Dealer, having all the tools and resources necessary is more important than ever to have that competitive edge in the game. 

Digital marketing in today’s modern business age can be the game-changer that can revolutionize the world of car dealerships if performed and executed precisely. But is Digital Marketing and online presence is that necessary for Auto Dealers? Or is the Traditional method would still be the best path?  

A study finds 88% of car buyers use the internet for vehicle shopping Autotrader. (

Auto dealers cannot afford to lose these internet-users customers! With this study, you need to realize how significant the internet and online presence is for your auto dealerships and how it can be your key to success in this industry. It is also critical to know how your dealership appears online; Are people happy with your service? Are they giving you positive and negative reviews? Is your website easy to navigate and mobile-friendly? 

These questions will be totally answered if you know how online presence and the internet are essential for your auto dealer business. 

Consumer use the internet to look for info

If you are interested in buying a product, would you purchase it without looking first for some information about that product? Of course not, right? Everyone is the same, and so does car buyers! In fact, Search Research by G/O Digital revealed that 30% of consumers immediately go to search engines when starting the car-buying process. (

Shoppers will always rely on the internet first to get the much-needed information they need before making the purchase. Why? It’s because the internet is fast and accessible. Just a quick search on search engines like google and yahoo, just a matter of seconds, and they will already have that information in the palms of their hand. That is how fast the internet can deliver such tremendous pieces of information in a short time.

To be at the top of the search queries, you need to increase your search engine optimization ranking by utilizing commonly used keywords by potential customers. The higher your SEO ranking is, the more effortless customer can find you, and the more chances of you making a sale.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We cannot deny the fact that everyone, regardless of age, has a social media account. In today’s modern time, Social Media gives you the ability to get connected with your friends and loved ones without actually being there.  

Social Media can be an excellent advertising platform for your auto dealership. It can give you the power to put your product right in front of your target audience and will enable you to target a wider audience. With 3.6 billion active social media platform users in 2020, we cannot dispute its’ importance to your car dealership.

It is also crucial for you to know that just being on Social Media does not mean a good online presence. You need to be active and engaging; commit and put your time and effort to establish a credible online reputation. Social Media is the best way to showcase your brand and create a lasting first impression. 

Online review matters

Online Reviews According to a study by Digital Air Strike, a huge percentage of car buyers turn to online review sites before making a purchase. In fact, 70% of car buyers say that online dealership reviews influence where they choose to go. Additionally, 24% consider review sites to be the most helpful factor when it comes to making purchase decisions. (

Reviews are the foundation of your credibility. Do not expect to create your brand just overnight. As we mentioned, you need to put effort and time and start at the very bottom and climb your way to the top. Regardless if it is a positive or negative review, you need to show that customer opinions matter to you. Positive review exhibit that you did a job well done, was able to deliver customer satisfaction and exceeds customer expectations. Do not forget to show your gratitude above all else. If it’s negative reviews, then used them to your advantage. Constructive criticism would never hurt anyone; it would make you even better. 


If everyone has social media, then it’s a no-brainer not to say that everyone has their own mobile device! All of your websites, content, and digital marketing messages should all be optimized to be mobile-friendly. In fact, according to a Facebook research study on auto buyers’ digital research journey, buyers did up to 74% of their research on their mobile or tablet device. (

If your marketing efforts are not optimized to be mobile-friendly, there is a higher chance that they would ignore it. Let’s take your website as an example; if it is not optimized for a mobile experience, a potential customer would quickly leave your website in search of a competitor who can deliver what you can’t. Not only you lose a potential customer, but you leave a bad first impression that would probably last and you don’t want that to happen.

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