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How Video Marketing can increase Car Sales

“Content is King”

You probably heard this old saying in the marketing world a thousand times. But of course, Content is indeed king! With a multitude of marketing channels and mobile accessibility from consumers, it matters now more than ever. And Video marketing for Auto dealerships has quickly become a dynamic and effective means of generating high-quality leads, increase conversion rate, and shoot-up their Auto sales. 

Incorporating Video Marketing into your marketing strategy diversifies your content and provides a higher level of engagement from your audience. Business like Auto Dealerships can directly benefit from showing off their more visual sides and video contents are the go-to to show off your product and service through a visual stimulus. Video Marketing strategy is also a great way to directly influence a buyer’s car-buying decision process. In fact, Of the auto shoppers who used video during the research process, over 60% reported visiting a dealership or dealer website after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering.

So How can you use Video Marketing to increase your Auto Sales?

Have you ever heard the term “Sale Cycle”? It is the outline of all the steps of a sales process, starting from the first customer contact up to closing the deal and follow-ups. In simple terms, it’s a potential customers’ journey from recognizing your brand to making a product purchase. Every business’s sale cycle is different, but to summarize it all, it is composed of 3 distinct stages:

  • Recognition – This is the stage where consumers realize they have a problem and they were aware of your brand as a possible solution
  • Deliberation – When customers start considering you as the real solution for their problem.
  • Decision – This is when the customers decide whether to avail of your product or service. 

By using the right videos for each of these stages, you can create an efficient sales funnel that lead customer ever closer to a purchase and at the same time increasing brand awareness and creating loyalty. 

Nourish the Recognition Stage

This is the stage where you should help your customers understand their needs. You want to portray yourself as knowledgeable about your customers’ needs and an expert with your craft. One best way to this is through an educational video. Not only can it help you educate your audience, but it also demonstrates the value your brand brings to the table. Here are our tips for a solid educational video:

  • Be friendly, polite, and informal. Audiences love to learn new things. But! hates being lectured to. Everyone does.
  • Be direct to the point and deliver the value to viewers right away. Don’t ramble and hold the chit-chat.
  • Simplicity is the key. The more simple, the more approachable your educational videos are. Avoid too complicated whatsoever gimmicks.
  • One topic at a time! Try to focus on one topic first before changing the subject. It’s a lot easier to keep viewers’ attention this way.

Animated explainer videos are another excellent way to nourish the recognition stage. It is a short video but sums up the whole problem your service or product is targeting, the solution for it, and why the clients need that solution instead of another. Keep in mind these things when trying to come up with an animated explainer video:

  • Completely understand who your audience is and the problem you need to solve for them.
  • Create a tight script that presents your solution as the solution.
  • Put it together with a storyboard build around meaningful illustrations.

Nourish the Deliberation Stage

This is now the stage for you to showcase your product. Product videos are all about putting your product in the spotlight! Showing why your product is out of this world, its benefits, how it can solve the problem they have, etc. You use product videos to help your customers understand your product better while also being able to have them visualize themselves enjoying the said product. Keep these things in my for solid Product Videos:

  • Context is the key! Shows your product works and can deliver value will be the way to your audience’s heart.
  • Storytelling my friend! Bringing your product to the spotlight is your primary goal, but a narrative can make things smoother.
  • Do not use fear-based strategies like FOMO (fear of missing out), it can actually scare your audience and leave you immediately. Instead, tell a story about a problem  you have solved.
  • Keep your focus on your audience and on your product’s value.

How-to videos are also a go-to when it comes to promoting your products. How-to videos can educate your audience and at the same promote your product, two birds at the same, am I right? It is also a great way to establish a relationship between you and your audience. They showcase you as a reliable guide for solutions, and customers just love that. 

The basics of How-to:

  • Provide them value right away.
  • Do not make things too complicated.
  • Include CTA (Calls-to-Action) to get the most out of your video.
  • Focus on your purpose, the topic of your how-to and you will lose your potential customers. 

Nourish the Decision Stage

Your website is inspired, your design is astounding, and your products are out of this world. However, it is not making any sales for you. Why is that?

Regardless of how glorious your product or website, or design is, if your audience to not find you reliable, genuine, and trustworthy, you are just wasting your time and money. That is where Testimonials videos come in to remedy the situation. Happy customer = Satisfied Customer of your product, so aside from showcasing your product, putting your delighted customers in front of the camera to talk about how good your product is and how much you’ve helped them will definitely change your game. Your audience will get to see real people, like them, that had the same problem and found the perfect solution in your product. 

Remeber thiese things when creating tesitmonial videos:

  • Create a list of questions and send it ahead of the session to the interviewees. This will make them more comfortable with the topics they will be discussing.
  • Don’t be too formal. Be informal and be conversational will get the reactions out of your interviewees.
  • Most of all, use real customers. NEVER EVER USE ACTORS.
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