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How to motivate your Sales team when Sales are down?

With the situation of the Coivd19 pandemic, a lot of business and industry was affected really hard. Some are still trying to get back on their feet, some were forced to cut expenses, and some were forced to close just to cope up with their loses. If you are one of those businesses that are still trying to recover then, it is more significant now more than ever to motivate your sales team to increase your sale not just to recover from your losses but to eventually be successful in your business campaign.

Sales is a very demanding and strenuous profession. Regularly, salespeople need to talk to a complete stranger to convince them to buy whatever they have to offer and that can be really really scary. The chances of being rejected are high, and that can be soul crashing that one day, you just do not have the motivation to pick up yourself and strive to make a sale. 

The stress, pressure, anxiety, and tension are all the burdens that your sales teams need to endure. You, as the head of the company, have the greatest influence on these burdens, whether you accept it or not, that is the reality. Getting the numbers is the primary objective, but incessantly pushing your sales team to hit a number can backfire on you. Rather than being pushy, motivating your sales team to achieve sales goals and sales targets can be a much better strategy to get back on the game and increase your business sales. 

Business is a game of risk – one day you and your sales team and hitting the targets, closing the deals, and exceeding numbers and the next day falling down on slumps. It happens to the best of us, like we said, a game of risk. 

Now, the big question here is: What should you do when it happens?

Here’s how you can motivate your Sales team:

Build trust with your team

If your team does not trust you and does not feel that you have their best interest, then it will be difficult for your team to feel inspired and be driven to work. Remember that trust is the foundation of motivation. You cannot re-motivate your sales team unless you have an open and honest conversation with them – which won’t happen if the trust is not there. 

And that’s vice versa! You, as the leader, need to have your employees’ trust. The best way to build trust is to be straightforward and direct as possible. If there is an issue, let them know! Don’t try to hide things or you will just make it worse. You want to make sure that you are creating a comfortable work environment where employees can trust you as well as you can trust them.

Established a Goal

This may be a no-brainer statement, but it’s essential! You need to set a sales goal for your sales team; without an objective to achieve, they won’t know what to strive for or what creates success. Choose a reasonable goal – something which is achievable, not too easy but not too aggressive as well. When we say goals, we are not just talking about a sales quota. Everyone is different; salespeople as well are motivated in a variety of ways. Some are motivated by quotas, some by incentives, some by contest, some by money, or even personal goals may be a better choice for others. As we first mentioned, have trust with your team so you can find out what works best for each individual salesperson of your team. And once they reach the goal, don’t forget to reward them. This brings us to our 3rd tip: Rewards. 

Rewards and Recognitions

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives.

Everyone wants to be rewarded for a job-well-done, yes? For sales professionals who reach and exceeded a target, it is natural to want a reward or compensation for an excellent performance. Pick a sales compensation plan within your budget range; together with a reasonable and realistically set goal, your sales team will be more motivated than ever to reach the goals and attain the incentives they want.

But do you know that incentives, sometimes is not enough? Yes, you heard us! Not enough. Let’s ask you this question: Do you acknowledge your sales team for a job well-done? We are not talking about greeting or praising them. We are talking about recognizing their efforts and contributions in a way that the whole company can recognize them? Sometimes, a public display of appreciation can go a long way than a motivating salary or incentives. In this way, you can create a team-oriented mindset for the whole team, those praises and recognitions will not only motivate them to work harder but also work together. 

Be positive and avoid negativity

There are good days and bad days – everyone has. Anyone in the sales field faces negativity and bad situations weekly or even daily. The rejection, anger, confusion, anxiety, and other negative emotions can build up, and that can hugely impact a person’s mood and motivation. That is where you, as their leader must step in and remedy the situation. You will be a sort of motivational coach when it comes to this.

These 3 elements should always be a part of your re-motivation strategy:

  • Identify the challenges and difficulties, but always continue to take and suggest solutions.
  • Accept salespeople’s concerns and losses but avoid repeating them. No one is perfect.
  • Recognize failures, but do not use any harsh words. Instead, use positive language to encourage them. Make suggestions to keep them on track with their personal and business goals. 

At the end of the day, no one wants to go home with negativity all around them. Avoid negativity and be positive and trust your team. 

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