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How To Create Your Dealerships’ Marketing Message?

Dealerships’ Marketing message, from the word itself, is how a dealership communicates to its target audience to talk about itself and what it does. However, the most confusing thing about it is what message exactly? Is it the slogan of your dealerships? What your email and messages should contain? It’s actually more comprehensive than you thought.

Your dealerships’ marketing message is what grabs your audience’s attention – it tells them how you can solve their problem, why should they choose to do business with your dealership instead of others, and why they should trust you. It’s what sets you apart from the rest, it is what makes you unique and different from others. You could be one of many car dealers out there, but if you base your idea on them, you won’t stand a chance to stand out from the crowd. It is about connecting and speaking with your potential customers. And it can be done by appealing to your consumers’ emotional side. 

With this article, you will learn how to create your dealerships’ marketing message in easy 5 steps.

Know your target market

The first step is to know who your audience is. Every successful business out there has a target market, whether they knew it or not. By clearly identifying your target audience, it would be easier to capture the attention of your audiences because you already know their wants and goals, making it easier for you to craft your message to your market. It may take some time, research, and a little bit of tweaking, but it will provide you valuable insights into the needs and motivations of your potential customers.

Know your targets’ problems

Once you know who your markets are, it is time to identify their problems. The secret to creating an effective marketing message that will make your target market go nuts and listen to you is to identify the pain and suffering they feel as a result of the problem they face. Identifying their agony will help them understand and empathize. As Pres. Theodore Roosevelt says – “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. “

Present your solution

We call this the “doctor approach” – your target market is your patients, and you are the doctor who holds the remedy for their illness. Make sense, right?

Present your solution to your market as a simple cure for all the pain and agony they feel as the result of their problem. You need to identify first all the benefits of your solution and how will these benefits improve their situation and takes away all the suffering. This step is crucial since most people won’t even lift a finger unless they feel a grave agonizing pain. 

Show your past results

Your words are not enough especially for people who still have doubts about what you can deliver to actually get them to avail of your service. It’s not enough to just tell people that you have the solution they are looking for. You need some kind of proof, and customer testimonials are solid proof above anything else!

Your audience will get to see real people, like them, that had the same problem and found the perfect solution in your product. Regardless of how glorious your product or website, or design is, if your audience does not find you reliable, genuine, and trustworthy, you are just wasting your time and money.

Put into word why you are different from others

If you want your dealership to excel, you have to make sure to differentiate your dealership if you want to stand out and get noticed. Tell your audience what sets you apart from the rest – the potential customer is looking for you to communicate your difference. And those differences need to have a perceived value for them. There are plenty of ways your dealership can stand out: you can deliver extraordinary service, create a powerful offer, create social communities around your dealership, or do business differently from your competitors.

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