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Get more Leads through your Email list!

If you are wondering why leads are essential for your business, let us give you this formula for you to understand why:

Lead = Customer = Revenue

Without leads, you won’t have customers. Without customers, you will not earn revenue. Simple enough?

Every business has one goal; to earn more revenue. You can say that your marketing strategy works if you can convert leads to sales. That is why every business needs to know how to generate leads to improve their marketing efforts. 

Businesses now rely on different kinds of digital marketing practices to create leads, attract customers, and make a sale. Email can be an excellent way to start generating more leads. Remember, with today’s’ digital age, customers will tend to check their email box first rather than their mailbox at home. 

Your email list can be a good lead generating machine for your business. An email list is the list of email addresses you collected through your marketing efforts or marketing channels. 

A great example of how you can start to build your email list is through the use of your website. Your goal to get more leads is to get your prospects to fill up the email signup form you will provide on your webpage by offering some kind of promo of your product such as; demo, free trial, or discounts. Remember, that the email addresses you will collect this way are not just your average email addresses; these are the persons who are interested in your product. In short, these persons are halfway there on becoming your customers!

This is why an email list is a valuable component for your lead generation and how you can boost your marketing campaign.

Here is what you can do to maximize the power of your email list on generating quality leads for your business! 

Send Valuable Content to your email list

Why do you think potential customers gave you their email address? They know you will send them an email for your sales, offers, promo, discounts whatsoever that they will consider it junk or spam, right? So why do you think they gave it to you? It’s because you have something valuable to offer to them. They gave it to you because you can provide them the solution they are looking for. Think of it this way, your business is the doctor providing treatment to your customers’ disease. 

The point is by providing valuable content to your email list, you are showing your expertise and knowledge, making you look more genuine and legitimate. So, creating valuable and informative content related to their problem can be a good start on how you can generate leads through your email list. Remember, they gave you their email address because they think you have the solution they are looking for to their problem. 

Make it Personal

The problem is that if your email doesn’t address one person directly, there’s a higher possibility that it will be ignored or deleted. In fact, if you don’t personalize your email, 52% of your prospects will ignore it completely. ( That is half of your potential buyers! With today’s sophistication of automated emails, a personalized email can hold more value than ever. Remember that you are not the only one providing promotional emails to your customers. Make it personal, and use it to your advantage.

Use Catchy subject line

Your customer receives a lot of emails per day, and many of these will often go unnoticed. When checking your email, the first thing you will notice is the subject line. That is why your email must be the one that will stand out and catch your customer’s attention.

You can think of the subject line as the cover of a book or the headline of an article. You have to convince your customer to click and open the email – otherwise, your message will head straight to spam or, worse, deleted. Your subject line should be a balance between informative and intriguing, and at the same time catchy, causing customers to click without over or under-promising what’s inside of it. 

Include call-to-action on your email

Call-to-action is an element that can put you in control, allowing you to set up and direct visitors towards a particular action and makes it easy for them to take that action. A really efficient call-to-action will do its’ job by drawing their attention, piquing their interest, and guiding them through the email signup process. 

Oh, and by the way, Call-to-action can also help you increase your conversion rate. Yeah, you heard it right! CTA can not only help you generate quality leads for your sales team, but It can actually convert leads to an actual sale. It can help you turn potential customers into a full-fledged consumer. 

Use a Drip email campaign

Drip email campaigns are a series of pre-written marketing emails that work together to move potential customers toward the final conversion goal: sale. They are called “drip” because they provide value to your email list by slowly “dripping” essential pieces of information, products, notifications, and updates over time. 

Drip email campaigns can help you generate leads with your email list as you are basically guiding each of them towards your end goal. Each email you are sending can help your email subscribers to build more trust in you by serving up the exact right content. 

If executed precisely, drip email campaigns can have a lot of benefits to your business. A little time and effort in the start can go a long way. 

Include and promote your Social Media channels

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are an excellent way to generate quality leads. Everyone can agree that social media plays an important role in improving your marketing efforts. 

Through your email marketing campaigns, try to include your social media accounts on your email messages. In that way, not only you’re promoting your product and services, but you are also trying to improve your social media presence. Remember, you are sending emails to persons who already show an interest in your brand so, there is a higher chance that these people would want to connect with you on these platforms.

The more social media presence you have, the more genuine you will look, the more people will see you as trustworthy. It can not only help you generate leads but can actually give you an actual sale.

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