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Generate leads for your Car Dealership through Craigslist!

How Craigslist can help you!

We are entirely sure that you are very familiar with craigslist, yes? If one needs something quick and easy, they just go to craigslist. Easy and simple. What is craigslist anyways?

Craigslist is a website for viewing and posting local advertisements. It works a lot like the Classified ads section of a newspaper, and it’s totally free to use! You can find a listing for almost anything on Craigslist—jobs, apartments, garage sales, vehicle ads, personal ads, and many more. You name it, and it’s probably on craigslist!

Does it make sense for automotive dealers to post vehicle listings on Craigslist?  

A big YES!

It not only makes sense for nearly every market, but it’s also foolish enough not to be there in most markets. Why? Craigslist shoppers are low-funnel! It means that the interest is there already for buyers and they are often ready to buy and become your client! So, skipping this craigslist makes no sense for anyone trying to sell vehicles.

It’s also one of the best ways to reach a wider audience! Craigslist is far from perfect though, there are flawed advertisements, indecisive buyers, and the apparent downside of working with unidentified finance anonymous buyers. Well, nobody is perfect, am I right? Still, it is an essential valuable platform to market your cars and get more qualified leads if using the right tools.

Here’s how you can use craigslist to generate leads and traffic and increase your dealerships’ vehicle sales!

Use high-resolution images

Everyone knows the benefits of high-quality images for their business. The same goes for your ads!

If your visuals for vehicle advertising aren’t high quality, your audience won’t be able to see them. And it will give them a very bad impression of your advertisement and can make prospects perceive you as sketchy and untrustworthy. Anything that is pixelated or blurry should never be used. Ensure that the images are crisp and top-quality – you have to make sure that the images you will produce are high-quality, even it means hiring a professional to do it. 

And most of all, use original visuals. Never ever borrow pictures from the internet for your vehicle listings.

Captivating titles and description

Aside from photos that grab attention – you will also be needing compelling titles. We strongly recommend not indicating the vehicle price in your title unless you know you have the competitive advantage over the negotiation.

For your description, make sure you list out the essential selling points of the vehicle in question. Keeping it simple and direct to the point is the way to go. And don’t forget to list down your contact information, so potential buyers have an easy way to reach out to your dealership if they have further questions or comments.

The title and description of the item SHOULDN’T BE IN ALL CAPS. You may feel that capslock is the go-to since it stands out from the rest, but poor typing etiquette can actually present it as hard to read. And can give buyers a sense of discontent, and can set an irritant tone throughout the whole post. 

Make sure it’s readable.

Nothing is more annoying than an advertisement that is unreadable!

Whether it is written in all caps or in a large chunk of uninterrupted sentences – you need to ensure that it is readable and can easily comprehend by your prospects. You do not want them to get irritated and leave your vehicle listing the minute they get a glimpse of your ads. Use proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization, and format it in a sense that it doesn’t cause a problem! Don’t underestimate the number of market shoppers who will simply scroll right past your ad if it looks like a mess. 

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