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Facebook Marketing For Automotive Dealerships | Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s modern age, anyone will agree that social media such as Facebook and Instagram would play a big part in your business. Thus using Facebook Marketing for Automotive dealerships will get you more leads and boost your sales! To give you an idea, 69% of shoppers said social media sites helped their vehicle purchase decision ( That is a whopping 69% percent chance of making a sale! Keep in mind that there is always a good chance that your potential and current customers are spending some of their time on social media.

Give the current situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, the automotive industry was struck hard, and a lot of business was just starting to get back on their feet. A good marketing strategy is needed by auto dealers more than ever. That is where Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing comes in! Aside from making better customer engagement with your potential and current customers, social media can serve as an excellent advertiser for you.

According to statistics, there are more than 2 billion active users on Facebook in 2020. Just imagine the number of audiences you can target if you executed your marketing strategy precisely. With Facebook being the current number 1 most visited social media site, you may consider Facebook advertising not just a marketing tool but a necessity for car dealers. If your business is currently not on Facebook, now would be a great time to be involved with.

Here is how you can maximize the power of Facebook for your auto dealership business!

Facebook Paid ads

When it comes to measuring your results, Facebook advertising got your back. The results are accurately measurable, and the numbers will speak for themselves. You will be able to see how many clicks, impressions, and conversions you are receiving.

Aside from that, Facebook advertising gives you the ability to target your exact audience. You can advertise to people by age, interest, location, or behavior. The target capabilities of Facebook advertising exceed any other platform. This is an essential factor for your auto dealership as we want more conversions of our webpage visitors. Remember that quality is more important than size. 

Facebook advertising can be an excellent tool as well in generating qualified leads for your sales team. Remember that most customers already have an idea of what car they are interested in. Facebook ads can easily convince and influence potential customers in making their next step on their car-buying decision journey. 

Using Facebook advertising allows you to stretch your marketing, measure your results accurately, target your intended audience, generate quality leads, and increase your ROI enabling your business to grow and be better every time.

Create and publish Contents

Have you ever heard the phrase “Content is King”? Content is indeed king for a reason. The big difference between high-performing pages and standards one is the content they produced. If you want to gain more likes and followers on Facebook and increase your online presence and brand awareness, delivering quality content can be a good start. 

You can use this to deliver informatively content to your clients or as a way to or related information to the automotive industry that your customer may find interesting. Coming from an expert viewpoint, you can establish your auto dealership as a reliable source of information thus, increasing your brand credibility and customer engagement. 

Ask for Customers Review

Don’t be mad at us if we keep saying that “Customer review matters” for auto dealers because it will always matter. Facebook reviews are an excellent way not only to gain more followers but also an excellent way for you to build credibility and increase your brand image.  

So do not be afraid to ask your customer to give you online feedback. Rather than being scared of what people might say, use this to your advantage instead.

If customers give you negative feedback, use this as your way to improve and be better at your service. If positive, do not forget to show your gratitude to your clients for trusting your service. 

Just remember that showing that you care about your customers’ opinions will win their respect and loyalty. 

Interact with your Followers

It is not called Social Media if you are not going to socialize, right? Just because you are on Facebook as part of your marketing strategy, that does not mean your only sole purpose is to make a sale. You have to engage as well with your followers and customers! The more interaction you made with them, the more they will be interested in availing of your auto dealership service. 

Share quality content, get people to interact with it, and then engage with them. Respond to their questions and comments; the faster you can connect with them, the more genuine you will look. The more trustworthy and legitimately you will look, the more customer will likely trust you and avail of your product.

Do not also forget to leave your contact information. Let your customers know that they can reach you quickly. People will tend to rely on social media sites to get in touch with you, so it can be frustrating for customers if they can’t reach you easily. 

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