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Digital Marketing Tips For Car Dealers

Being the new player in the automotive industry can be scary. With a lot of veterans on the game, you wonder how you can be ahead of the competition and how you can be successful. But once you have that momentum and marketing tips for car dealers, you will not even realize that you are already on your path to success.

But before you think things that way, you really need to put work, effort, and time into your business if you really want to be successful. Work hard if you really want it, take a risk but be cautious, and remember, no one became successful in just one night.

Digital Marketing can be a powerful tool for a start-up auto dealers company, but only implemented and executed precisely. There is a lot of Digital Marketing strategy out there, but for a start-up company, you may want to consider applying the basics first. Nothing beats the basics, am I right?

Before you indulge in complicated strategies, consider using the basics first. You ask why? Using the basic marketing strategy will give you an idea of how things work in a long term. It is as simple as that. Consider it your starting path to success. Before you handle any complicated strategies, mastering these strategies will guide you and your business in the long run. If you are only after the short term, then my apologies but you will more likely to fail in what you want to achieve. You created your business to be successful, you want to earn revenue for a long time, not for a short moment.

In this article, we will give you these amazing 3 tips on how you can get started with your new car dealership business with Digital Marketing!

Be on Social Media!

For a new and incoming automotive business dealership, being on Social Media is a crucial thing. How crucial? Very crucial! It is actually considered a necessity for an auto dealer business. 

Social media is one of the best ways for you to improve your brand awareness. As new to the game, you want your auto dealer business to make its’ name. You want to raise recognition of your brand, and get more people to recognize it, and at the same time, increase your car sales.

Social Media also gives you the ability to get your dealership in front of your prospects when they are engaged in the car-buying course. Once you placed your product in front of your customer, this is where you put your digital advertising and marketing campaigns to work. You can use an image or video content to resonate with users and use demographic data to accurately target your audience, which is highly effective if you know your intended audience. Facebook provides a more complex demographic data-driven search engine to boost your target capabilities but may cost you more.

Social media sites can also be an excellent platform to target a wider audience. In fact, according to a recent study, there are 3.48 billion social media users so far in 2019, with the worldwide total having increased by 288 million (9 percent) since this time last year. ( It can also be a good leads generation machine for your business. Every successful sale starts with a good quality lead. 

So if you already start your car dealership business but are still not engaged in Social Media, now would be a good time to be involved in it if you want to be ahead of the game. 

Customer Reviews should be a priority!

This is one of the factors that you should really pay attention to if you want your car dealership business to be successful. Why?

As a start-up business, you need proof that you are indeed trustworthy and genuine to do business with. And customer reviews will be the proof that you need to build that credibility!

If you are currently engaged in a business with a client, do not be afraid to ask for their feedback in regards to your service. It is one of the best ways to improve your reputation and customer engagement. Whether it is good or bad, you cannot control reviews and comments your customers may say about your dealership; however, you can use this to show that their opinion matters on how to improve your service much better. Show that you care about your customers’ opinions, which will win their respect and loyalty. Remember to listen, and use their words to be better.

If the customer gave a positive review, use this to show your gratitude to them for availing your service. If it is a negative review, then use this as an opportunity to rectify the problem and improve your service better. Use these reviews to better manage your brand image and reputation. Include this as part of your marketing strategy, and it will be your advantage to your competitors. 

Just to give you an idea of how customer review can considerably affect a buyer on their car buying-process, take a look at this study: 

  • Did you know that 68% of car shoppers said that dealership reviews impacted which dealership they visited when shopping for a vehicle? (

This may be a hard thing for a start-up company to do but, trust us! This is one of the best strategies to include as part of your marketing campaigns if you are just starting with your car dealership business. 

Be part of the World Wide Web and take care of your SEO ranking.

Since you are invested in Digital Marketing, it is a no-brainer statement if you decided to not be a part of the world wide web. According to recent studies, currently, there are about 4.66 billion active users on the internet, which is 59% of the global population!  As a start-up company, you should be a part of this global community right away.

Your website is an excellent machine for your business to generate leads for your sales team and marketing team. Remember what we mentioned earlier? Every successful sale starts with a good quality lead. These leads can help you grow your business as this can be used by your team to improved your marketing strategy and efforts.  

Are you familiar with the acronym “SEO Ranking”? It means “Search Engine Optimization Ranking” In layman’s terms, it refers to your websites’ rank on search engines. The higher your websites’ SEO ranking is, the easier customer can find you on search engines. You can optimize your website by using commonly used keywords by potential customers to raise your SEO ranking.

An optimized website combined with a high SEO ranking can put your webpage at the top, increasing the chance of reaching potential customers, generating more leads for your team, a better chance of conversion, making a sale, and earning more revenue.

If you are still in doubt, just remember this; How do you expect to make a profit if your customers cannot find you?

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