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Digital Marketing Elements Crucial for Your Automotive Dealership

Digital Marketing is a powerful tool for Automotive Dealers in today’s digital age. One might even say that is a necessity instead of an option. Competitive and aggressive, that’s how we categorized the automotive industry. Digital Marketing can be the game changer in this field if harnessed and executed precisely. 

Think of the time that you have tried to buy a product, and you go to google search, look for the item, and gather the information you need. Your customers are no different! According to a study by SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buyer’s journey is now completed digitally. Consumers use digital channels to research and to decide which dealership to visit ultimately. (

It’s no wonder that digital marketing is in-demand right now for automotive dealers. Through the internet, you can effortlessly get connected to a potential consumer, generate leads for your team, and increase the chances of making a sale.

But you may wonder, what makes Digital Marketing a powerful marketing strategy for automotive dealers? It would be easy to say that because we are now living in a digital age, it makes Digital marketing appropriate for local businesses. 

No, no, no. It is much more complex than that!

In this article, we will review 5 elements of Digital Marketing that makes it dominant over other marketing strategies!

Social Media

3.80 billion.

Do you know what that number represents? That is the currently active user in social media platforms as of 2020. Imagine the number of audiences that you can reach if you are engaged and active in social media. We don’t want to explain it further but is it immense!

Not only that, but social media also gives your automotive dealership the ability to present your product in front of the guest when they are engaged in their car-buying process. 

Just to give you an idea why SocMed is crucial for your marketing campaign, 75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say internet research, including social media and review sites, was the most helpful medium when selecting a car dealership. (


Engaging in Digital Marketing doesn’t mean engaging in Social Media only; it means being involved in the global community of the world wide web. A website can be a great lead generation machine for your car dealership – it can generate high-quality leads for your sales and marketing team which can be used to enhance your marketing strategies. A sale always starts with a good quality lead.

Optimized your website by using commonly used keywords by customers to increase your SEO ranking. In that way, potential customers can easily find you on search engines like Google and Yahoo. The higher your websites’ SEO ranking is, the better your chance of generating quality leads, the higher your chance of making a sale, and thus making revenue.


Making content is one way for you to show your expertise in this field. Not only it increases your customer engagement but coming from an expert viewpoint, you are instantly establishing yourself as a good source of reliable and valuable information. Make sure that your customers can directly relate to the content that you’re producing.

An excellent way to start is content that is related to a customers’ problem. With this strategy, you are making yourself the solution that they are looking for to their current problem. That will increase the chance of you making a sale.

Establishing yourself as an expert will give your dealership the credibility and authenticity that you can use to your advantage to enhance your brand image and reputation.


Email marketing can be one of the powerful and cost-effect marketing strategies that you should consider including in your Digital marketing campaign. If you have a website, engage in social media, and doing online advertising, then email marketing can be your path to success. Email marketing for automotive dealers doesn’t get the credits it deserves. Why? Because it is done poorly and underutilized by most. 

Do you know that email is a good way for you to gather customer and create an email list? If you set up a lead capture form on your website, you can generate lead emails, which can be used as part of your email marketing strategy. Once you created your database, that is where the real fun begins. 

Another reason that will make you excited about email marketing is it is incredibly inexpensive! When executed precisely, it provides the highest ROI for marketers. Email marketing is the indisputable leader of cost-efficient marketing. powerful 


CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. It is software that aims to develop a better relationship with your potential, current, and previous customers. It works by organizing, collecting, and managing customer information all in one program.

Utilizing CRM as part of your marketing strategies can provide a more personalized approach that can enhance the way your customers see your dealership. Not only can it help you and your team have better customer engagement, but it will also help you improve your marketing efforts. You can also increase customer engagement by sharing new sales and special offers via email to keep customers updated. 

Including these 5 elements in your Digital Marketing strategies will surely help you improve your marketing campaign. If executed precisely, all of these elements will surely benefit your automotive dealership in the long run. 

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