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Setting Business Goals for Car Dealers

Setting Business Goals for car dealers in a business is a common thing to do, in fact; it is your first step in making the blueprint of your success. Think of your goal as your guide on where you want to be in the future. It’s your fuel that will keep you on track and keep improving over time. Goals will help you create a distinct path for your business and get you headed in the right direction. Without it, you have no way to monitor your progress or keep yourself or your team accountable. 

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is small or big; all goals are imperative. Small goals can motivate you and your team and can help you work towards bigger goals. Your goals will aid you in growing your business. Simple as that. That’s why having a goal is very essential not only for car dealers but for every business you can think of out there. If you want your business to succeed and make it the best it can be, then you have to be willing to establish and track your goals. 

If you are just a start-up automotive dealer, then setting your business goals should be your first step before you do any marketing efforts. You do not want to just wander around and let fate take you wherever you want to be; that’s not how it works. You need to establish where you want your car dealership to be and what you want to achieve before even starting to do anything. If you already have all the necessary tools and resources and yet, you do not have any goal in mind, then we are already apologizing to you in advance, you sir will likely fail. Not only you’re gonna waste a lot of your time, but your money as well. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money and gain nothing with it, right?

As Ideasoft always says, we got you covered! In this article, we will give you some tips and ideas on how to set-up your car dealerships’ business goals. 

Define what you want to achieve and what your goals should be.

The first step in business goal settings will always be and will never be changed is defining what you want to accomplish. Sounds easy? No, it’s not. Businesses, especially those start-up entrepreneurs, will have a hard time with where to begin when it comes to defining their business goals and where they want to be. 

When defining your goals, it should always be worth your effort and time. Think about the type of goals that can really push and strive your business forward within the next following years. Do not just think about the big picture; as we mentioned even a small goal can really define what your business can be. If you’re having a hard time, start small, then carefully climb your way up to more significant objectives. Once you established your goal, you now know where you want to be, and you should not waiver from your purposes despite the hardships and failures along the road. 

Goal Specification

Another important to keep in mind is how specific your goal is. The more time and effort you spend on defining and visualizing your goal, the more likely you can achieve them. So do not be vague; keep it as specific and crystal clear as possible. Define your end goal and create a path to reach it.

Let us give you an example for car dealers:

  1.  Increase sales count to (specific number) by the end of the first quarter of this year.
  2. Achieve (bigger specific number) of car sales by the second quarter.
  3. Achieve (much bigger number) of car sales by the third quarter.
  4.  Reach (Bigger number or Target number) by the fourth quarter.

With this, you have a specific number to achieve and a time frame on how long you should reach it. Specific and definite, right? Think of it as your goals’ path to success. This path can also aid you in a more long-term goal like increasing overall profit or reducing your cost expenses. The opportunities are limitless; you are only limited by your imagination. 


Setting a deadline for your goals will help you set a distinct date on when you want to reach your goal. If you do not set a deadline, your intentions will likely fail. Why? Goals without deadlines imply that you are not entirely dedicated and committed to it. If you really want to motivate and challenge yourself to achieve your objectives, try setting a deadline to hold yourself liable. When picking a date, choose a reasonable date; not too short or aggressive but also not too far away.

Commit and Dedicate

Commit and dedicate. Don’t expect to achieve your aim if you’re not committed and dedicated to it. Just like in life, if you want to achieve something, you have to put in and entrust your time, resources, and effort. Make a commitment to your plan and stick with it. Once you set your goals in motion, commit and dedicate to it, stay motivated to see your goals through until the end. This is not the time to have jitters and second thoughts or give up on them. Do whatever it takes for you to stay motivated through the whole game, enjoy, and do not forget to reward yourself if you reach your goal. Job-well-done and keep getting better.  

Reward yourself for job-well-done achievements.

Last but not least, reward yourself. Remember to celebrate achievements you reach – no matter how big or small they may be, achievements are still achievements. You invested time, money, and effort into reaching your goals, so take a moment and celebrate it. Psychologically, this will help you keep motivated, committed, and dedicated to achieving bigger goals.  

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