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5 Email Tactics to have Better Car Dealers Engagement

Customer Service experience is just as necessary as any other factor in business. An excellent customer experience is decided by customer engagement before, during, and after the purchase. In fact, according to Forbes, 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue. (

Even a small problem or trouble in service can lead to lower customer satisfaction. When it comes to customer engagement for car dealers, an email marketing strategy can be a reliable tool in your arsenal that you can maximize to prevent problems in services and improve customer interaction.

These 4 outlines can be the result of having better customer engagement:

  1. Established customer loyalty and trust.
  2. Returning customers means more sales over time.
  3. More likely to be referred to their relatives and friends.
  4. Strengthen brand image and reputation.

No idea where to start your email campaigns? No worries, we got you covered! Our experts here in Ideasoft listed 5 excellent Email marketing strategies you can utilize to better customer engagement!

5 Email marketing strategies for better customer engagement for car dealers:

1. Be personal and tailored your message for every client.

With today’s sophistication of automated emails, a personalized message can hold more value than ever. Costumers received many promotional emails every day from multiple sources. Today’s car dealers focus on making their message seem to be tailored differently for every client but in reality, using one compose a message for everyone.

Here is the problem; If your email doesn’t address one person directly, there’s a higher possibility that it will be ignored or deleted. In fact, if you don’t personalize your email, 52% of your prospects will ignore it completely. ( That is half of your potential buyers! Take your time to send a personal and well-tailored message to individual clients will make the difference. 

But, we are not implying to write individual emails for every client you have every day. Instead, you can write a personal message for important dates or scenarios such as:

  • Customer’s Birthday: A simple “Happy Birthday!” would go a long way. Customers will feel very special, knowing you remember to greet them while others don’t.
  • Car check-up: Reminding them to bring in their car for an annual car check shows that you value your product.
  • Gratitude message: Checking up and ensuring that customers are satisfied with their purchase can make the customer think that you care and are not just after the sale.

2. Loyalty rewards and programs

With today’s consumer-driven culture, customers expect businesses to deliver value at the best price possible. You can add value to your customer by creating a loyalty program and using email marketing to promote these incentives. A loyalty program will be successful and improve customer engagement if you can concentrate on improving their lives while strengthening your dealership’s brand awareness.

Think of how customers will acquire points for instances such as:

  • Bought a Vehicle/products
  • Referred new customers who purchase
  • Used your service department for maintenance and repairs

And then create reward offers for redeeming such as:

  • Freebies
  • Discounts on services 
  • Gift certificate

3.Content is king

Email messages should not only be for promotional purposes but also you can use this as a way to deliver valuable content or information to your clients. For starters, you can either give frequently asked question type of content every week like:

  • How often should I check my tire pressure?
  • When should I change my transmission fluid?
  • How often does a vehicle require services?

Or just some pieces of information related to automotive that your customers will find very significant.

Coming from an expert viewpoint, you can establish your dealership as a reliable source of information. Your customer will be very interested in reading your content while improving your customer engagement.

4. Customer review matters

You always heard us say this, and we will say it repeatedly, customer review matters. Whether it is good or bad, you cannot control online reviews and comments customers may post about your dealership; however, you can use this to show that their opinion matters on how to improve your service much better. 

If the customer gave positive feedback, you could use this to show your gratitude to them for availing your service. If it is negative feedback, use this as an opportunity to rectify the problem by emailing them personally.

Just remember that showing that you care about your customers’ opinions will win their respect and loyalty. Treat your consumers not only as a customer but also a loyal business partner.

5. Consider using CRM software.

Customer Relationship Management software or CRM aims to develop a better relationship with current customers, aids in finding new prospective customers and, win-back previous customers. It works by organizing, collecting, and managing customer information all in one.

Using CRM software as a part of your email marketing can provide a more personalized approach that can enhance the way customers see your dealership. You can also increase customer engagement by sharing new sales and special offers via email to keep customers updated. Not only can it help you and your team have better customer engagement, but it will also help you improve your marketing efforts.

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