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4 Tips to Spice Up Meetings and Make it more Engaging!

Sales is a very demanding and strenuous profession. Regularly, salespeople need to talk to a complete stranger to convince them to buy whatever they have to offer and that can be really really scary. The chances of being rejected are high, and that can be soul crashing that one day, you just do not have the motivation to pick up yourself and strive to make a sale. Reality speaking, your sales team is under a lot of pressure – they carry burdens on their shoulders, and a lot is at stake. Developing tips to spice up meetings is a must!

It is crucial that you as their leader should set up routines and practices like sales meetings to help them improve and make them more effective. Hey, it’s your company as well, so you want to do anything to make your dealership better, right?

Sales department meetings can sometimes be difficult to schedule. Your sales reps are normally out on sales calls all week, and everyone in the department is trying to meet deadlines and achieve quotas. But sales meetings need to be a regular routine of your sales departmental calendar to help spur creativity and develop ways to drive more profit for your dealership. 

Meetings can take on many forms – they can be highly effective in engaging, motivating, and inspiring your sales team, or they can be counterproductive, a waste of time, distract your team from the mission at hand. In fact, according to a survey conducted by last 2012, only 56% of meetings are productive. Instead of motivating staff, sales meetings are often a complete waste of time.

Meetings don’t have to be like this! Here are 5 ways to spice things up at your sales meeting to recharge your sales reps and send them back into the field with their game face on!

Preparation is the key.

Meetings become tiresome when the moderator comes in late, doesn’t have any plan, and did not prepare for the meeting. Believe it or not, a well-prepared meeting can be engaging and fascinating; when the leader has a purpose and plan, meetings will be more stimulating and efficient. When a meeting has no goal or direction, it will be forever dull. Therefore, having tips to spice up meetings is necessary.

Even before your meetings, you should make sure you really have a goal in mind for the gathering you’re planning to carry out. Lots of meetings end up being a complete waste of time because they have no direction or agenda at all. It’s vital to carefully choose one goal for the upcoming meetings and notify others about the agenda. This will give attendees the chance to find out and research the answers to some of the possible questions they would otherwise take up a meeting time to ask. Additionally, this encourages attendees to come prepared on meetings to discuss the agenda you shared and allow you to hold them accountable for doing so. Lastly, it helps the meetings’ flow go more smoothly and elicits a more productive and efficient discussion.  

Let the games begin!

Don’t think of games as a waste of time. In fact, games are an excellent way to make sure everyone at the meeting is awake, alert, and lets the creative juices flowing. 

Meetings without a game are like a sport without any rules. They become royal-rumble, a total free-for-all, and no definite winner at the end. When meetings are unstructured, topics become muddied, and it typically becomes a conversation between two or three most vocal people inside the room, while the rest of the participants becomes passive. Plus, company hierarchy becomes awkwardly transparent, office politics begin to play a part, and different people often say the same thing without even realizing it. 

However, if games are included in meetings, it becomes incredibly productive. You ask why? Games are a great way to encourage every participant from the room to join the discussion. Realistically speaking, some people are more outgoing than others and feel more comfortable speaking up in meetings. But when everyone is cooperating, and participating to share their ideas, it increases the productivity of your team and the effectiveness of the meetings. 

Everyone should participate.

If you’re the moderator of the meeting, you might speak more than others, but do not let one person just dominate the whole conversation – that’s the formula for a 100% tedious meeting. Participants who take the time to attend a meeting, bringing in with them their experience and knowledge, deserve a chance to speak and share their opinions. Everyone needs to participate -that’s why it’s called a meeting and not a conversation, am I right?

Especially during a brainstorming session, everyone should speak and voice out their ideas and opinions. If someone is not speaking up, call them up to contribute. However, keep in mind that not everyone is outgoing, one can be considered as an introvert, and it can be very uncomfortable for them to speak up in front of a crowd, so make sure it is as free of pressure as possible. With the use of these tips to spice up meetings, your meetings’ culture should ensure that everyone’s ideas are voiced out and included, and participants should know in advance, so they are not surprised and avoid any anxieties. 

Acknowledge achievements. 

Everyone wants to be rewarded for a job well done, yes? For sales professionals who reach and exceeded a target, it is natural to want a reward or compensation for an excellent performance. But are Incentives really enough? Well, sometimes it’s not!

Let me ask you this question: Do you acknowledge your sales team for a job well done during a meeting? We are not talking about greetings or praising them. We are talking about recognizing their efforts and contributions in a way that the whole company can recognize them? Sometimes, a public display of appreciation can go a long way than a motivating salary or incentives. In this way, you can create a team-oriented mindset for the whole team, those praises and recognitions will not only motivate them to work harder but also work together. 

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