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4 tips for a perfect vehicle walkaround!

What is a Vehicle Walkaround?

When we say customers’ vehicle walkaround, we do not mean that you just let customers wander around your dealership to see your selection of vehicles. A vehicle walkaround is a presentation or a physical tour of a car that a potential customer has chosen. Performing a solid walkaround is an essential step to a successful car sale, but it’s probably one of the most poorly performing sales funnel in the sale cycle of a dealership. At most, it may have been set aside by some, neglected, and forgotten to never use again.

Now before its’ too late, we want you to understand that you’re only hurting yourselves and your dealership when you’re taking this approach. Think of it this way – it’s an opportunity for you to gain trust, get to know your prospects more, and transition a presentation to a successful sale. Your prospects have done their job to thoroughly research – when you fail to perform a perfect walk around, you just missed an opportunity to land a deal. 

Have you ever heard the old saying “The presentation and packaging is everything?” Well, when it comes to the automotive industry, it is indeed everything. This idea must have started in the restaurant industry – Good food is great, but how it’s presented is what separates a dining experience from being just another meal. So, the concept of a complete and thorough walk around once your prospect has chosen a vehicle is essential. A walkaround is our way of educating our prospects with a little bit hint of creating excitement about the features and benefits of the vehicle they have selected. They know with themselves that they want or need the car, but it’s your responsibility to reinforce their choice and create an overwhelming desire to own that car. Remember, the bottom line of vehicle walkaround is to get your prospects into the driver’s seat.  

Here are 4 tips for a successful vehicle walkaround, and get your prospects into the driver’s seat!

1. Listen, Listen, Listen.

100% of the time on why sales reps are always failing to close the deal is because they do not listen to what customer has to say. Car buyers and any consumers have one thing in common – they want us to listen to what they have to say, may it be a question or a statement. Don’t set aside their concerns, no matter how small they might seem. Present them your full attention and never assume anything. 

This is where walkaround comes in as a fantastic tool. It is a chance to point out features that specifically address their questions or concerns that may come up in the initial presentation. It is a chance for you to listen punctiliously as they explore the vehicle. They might ask about features that are only available in other vehicle or a better model of the same vehicle that might better fit the needs they are actively looking for. 

2. Genuineness

Salesperson of any industry can be looked at as aggressive, pushy, and incline to do hard-selling tactics. To be a successful car salesman, we must demonstrate our intent to help our prospects find the right vehicle for them, rather than just trying to make money out of them. Successful car dealers will be genuine, attentive, and caring. That’s because when you stay genuine, you’ll have a much easier time building relationships and trust with your prospects. 

Remember, any consumer does not like buying from people that they don’t trust. You can build that trust by being open, genuine, honest, listening to and acknowledging everything the customer tells you and letting them know you are doing your best to help them find the perfect vehicle for them.

The walkaround is your way of doing it! Everything you do at this stage of the sale cycle will either create or break their trust. Be genuine. 

3. Highlight the important part.

No other opportunity to highlight every important aspect of a car can come close to a walkaround – from the powerful engine to the perfectly engineered rear axle to the gas consumption of the vehicle. The opportunity to fascinate your potential customers only comes once; don’t miss out on that opportunity. Don’t let go of the opportunity by failing to highlight every important aspect of the car, its capability, and its benefits. 

You’ll want to start with the features that are most important to the customer. But once those have been completely demonstrated and explained, showcase and highlight everything else. This may be your only chance to uncover whatever hidden needs the customer has yet to mention. Don’t miss that our, once you’ve grabbed it, never let it go. 

4. Keep prospects engaged.

A walkaround should never be an endless sales pitch – you’ll lose your prospect by being too pushy and aggressive. You need to keep them engaged with you at all costs.

Ask questions, have them sit in the vehicle to feel the vibe, and ask them what they like and dislike.

Prospects buy cars they are excited about, and that excitement has to begin and end it car itself. The walkaround is your perfect opportunity to keep the customer engaged in the process. You want them to start feeling of it not as “a dealership car” but “their car.”

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