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How to Generate Automotive Leads with Youtube

Did you know that youtube is listed as the 2nd most visited website next to Google, with more than 1.6 billion estimated monthly visits? Generate leads with Youtube will significantly increase your leads. Always remember that a good sale always starts with a high-quality lead. Without leads, you are not going to make a sale. Without a sale, you will not earn any money. Simple formula, right?

Youtube is the most popular video search engine and is the second largest search engine next to google. It can be a lead generation machine for your auto dealership business if executed properly and precisely. In fact, 70% of consumers that use YouTube during their car buying process are influenced by what they watch, and this is your chance to get out there and stand out with your unique dealer videos. Who knows, you could even go viral! ( 

70% ladies and gentlemen! That is a 70% more chance of generating a lead and making a sale! 

Video advertising is not new to this game that is auto dealership business; it has become extremely well-known not only in the auto dealer business but for almost every business you can think of. Consumer nowadays is becoming smarter and smarter, their preference and criteria are also adopting in their car buying process. I mean, buying a car is not an easy decision, is it?

We will hopefully assume right now that you are familiar with youtube, right? Even if you are, are you using it correctly? A solid video marketing strategy, if added to your Digital Marketing efforts, will definitely give you the result that you desire. Without a concrete video marketing strategy, not that we are assuming you’re going to fail, but the chances of you slipping are definitely on the roof. 

Fortunate for you, ideasoft always got you covered! In this article, we are sharing with you some tips on how Youtube can be a lead-generating machine for you and your team!

SEO for visibility

If you want to generate more leads using this platform, you need to start optimizing your SEO. SEO with youtube is just as important as your SEO on other search engines. SEO is something you put a lot of focus on if you want to start creating leads for you and your team. Creating video content and optimizing it so it will rank high when viewers conduct relevant searches on Youtube. 

To get started:

  • Create a list of the essential keywords in your industry, then use the following best practices to optimize your videos for search results. 
  • The description of your Youtube videos is another way to optimize your SEO. Do your best to include the main keywords you listed as well as a variety of supporting keywords. Try to add it as naturally as possible; you do not want it to just look like a simple list of words.
  • Optimized your SEO by using important keywords in your title. The title of your videos are among the most important ranking factors, so you must make them as captivating as possible.

SEO is a powerful strategy you can utilize to get people over to your website. Mainly, because SEO will continue to promote your content for quite some time after you’ve completed it and it will continue to generate more traffic for you, thus generating more and more leads. 

Take account of your Customer needs

Any business out there should know this; thinking about the customers’ needs and wants. With each video you publish, you must do your best to identify what the viewers want to attain as your goal. This will help you create and come up with relevant video content that resonates with your target audience.

Another simple reason why you need to take account of your customer needs is search engines like Google and Youtube have one main goal; it is to provide their users with the most relevant content. Simple as it may sound, but in reality, that is their objective.

By focusing on what your customers’ intent is when creating a video, you will have the power to provide your audience with the type of content they want, keeping them engaged with your videos for a longer time, increasing the chance of you influencing their car buying decision process, and giving you a higher chance of making leads or much better, making a sale. 

Maximize playlist

A playlist is a collection of related videos that you grouped on your channel to make it easier for users and the search engine to find relevant content. It’s also one way to organize your videos and avoid cluster on your channel. 

You may feel that this is not necessary for your channel, but believe us, it is! Making a playlist of your videos will ensure that it gets indexed, making it easier for users to find your content. It is also a great way to improve your customer engagement, an effective way of nurturing leads, and will make viewers stay longer on your channel as they do not have to search it manually and just need to click videos to continue watching.

Youtube ads

Car dealers, in fact, everyone; will have jitters when it comes to paying to promote video content. But trust us, this is something worth doing because Youtube has 1.6 billion estimated visitors every month. You may find it easier to get people to promote your videos for free, but using a platform as your advertiser is always a good idea to maximize your target audience capabilities and boost your lead generation endeavors. With Youtube, you have the capability to run specialized ads that can give you a higher ROI at a fraction of the cost of other advertising platforms.

There are 4 types of Video ads you can use with Youtube:

  • Skippable in-stream ads – These are the ads that play before or during a video streaming. You may quite familiar with this as they have a defining feature that you can choose to skip after 5 seconds. The good thing with skippable ads is you only pay when viewers keep watching the first 30 seconds or finish the whole thing.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads – From the word itself, non-skippable. You should only use this when you are trying for wide brand awareness and if you are fully confident that your ads are strong enough to pique their interest and hold their attention for the full duration of the ads.
  • Video Discovery ads – If in-stream ads work like a traditional tv commercial, discovery ads work like the ads you see on Google’s result search page. They show up alongside organic search results, so if your video looks more relevant than the organic results, then users can choose to watch it instead.
  • Non-Video ads – If you think youtube only offers video advertisements, then you sir are mistaken. Youtube offers non-video ads for advertisers with less budget. There are two types of non-video ads:
    • Display ads: Will appear on the right-hand sidebar and include an image and text, alongside a CTA with a link to your website.
    • In-video ads – Will appear floating on top of in-stream video from monetized Youtube channels.
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