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Digital Marketing Mistakes that Car Dealers need to AVOID!

You have prepared the tools needed, all set to go digital marketing and, then suddenly, all your marketing efforts did not work. Why is that? You wonder if you did not prepare enough or what did you do wrong. You probably fall into one of the digital marketing mistakes car dealers are doing with their digital marketing.

With today’s’ age of technology, almost everyone has access to the internet and, digital marketing can be a great tool in your arsenal to boost your marketing efforts. In addition to that, the automotive dealership today is becoming more and more competitive, with new competitors joining the industry. That is the reason why you need to up your game when it comes to your marketing strategies. If you want to sell more cars in todays’ wireless world, embrace digital marketing and make it work for you business.

We listed some of the mistakes car dealers should avoid doing in digital marketing! Understand this, and you will see a significant boost with your marketing efforts!

Neglecting Social media

Social media sites are significant influencers when it comes to a car buyer’s decision-making journey. 40% of users online are actively deciding on what car to buy based on what they have seen on social media platforms, including reviews and recommendations, and this effect is only set to grow. (

With more than a billion users on different social media platforms and still increasing day by day, your car dealership should embrace social media by now. It is also one the cheapest way you can do to have a better engagement with your customer, and a better social media presence gives your brand more credibility and legitimacy. Better online presence means customer will more likely to trust your brand.

This is the reason why social media is an essential factor in your digital marketing strategies. 

No mobiles user experience

Most of the people today have a cellphone, from Millenials to the old gen, we cannot deny that everyone has one. Simply having a website is not enough, if it is not optimized for a mobile experience. In fact, 50% of people will turn away from a company because of a bad mobile experience. ( If your websites are laggy and unresponsive, and your customer cannot browse your website properly; you are giving them the reason to ignore you. Remember that in today’s’ age of technology, customers buying-journey is now completed digitally, whether it is through mobile or computer, you need to optimize your website for a better customer experience.

Disregarding Video ads

Did you realize that over 55 percent of consumers watch videos online daily? There is no denying just how popular and powerful a well-made video can be. ( Now is the time to harness the power of video advertising!

You may think that video ads are more difficult to pull off compare to posting content on social media platforms. Sure it may require more effort, but by being able to utilize the power of sight and sound, you can build a more solid relationship with your customer. 

With video ads, you can also boost your conversion rate. For example, you can use it to show customers details about the car they are looking for, and they will get the feeling that you want things to be easier for them by giving them the answer to their question. Plus, 52% of consumers say that watching a video makes them more confident about a product purchase. (

Everyone is your target

Digital marketing gives you the ability to target your desired audience, but that does not mean you can target everyone. You cannot just throw different ads and expect to reach as much audience as you can. If you sell high-end cars, you don’t expect a college-broke student would buy that, right? You need to know your intended target audience, so you can optimize every marketing strategy you have to produce a better result.

You do not care about your Customer

By far, the worst mistake you can do for your car dealer business is to not care about your customer. One of the goals of digital marketing is to create a smooth and positive experience for your customer. This is why you have mobile-friendly websites, why you have an online presence with your social media accounts; it is to make things easier for your clients, to help them build more trust in you, and improve your overall credibility. You do not just treat your customers as a consumer, but treat them as your loyal business partner.

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